COR/SECOR Certification

The DAXX Safety Group assists clients in creating and implementing a Health and Safety Manual. Working with you we will develop a customized COR safety manual, SECOR safety manual or other safety or quality systems manual.


If you have an existing program in place no problem, we will provide a documentation review prior to your certification audit and provide guidance and recommendations to assure acceptance.



  • Saskatchewan Construction Safety Association (COR & SECOR)

  • Construction Association of Manitoba (COR & SECOR)

  • ENFORM Certificate of Recognition (COR & SECOR)

  • Alberta Construction Safety Association's Certificate of Recognition (COR & SECOR)

  • British Columbia (COR & SECOR)


Certificate of Recognition (COR) or Small Employer Certificate of Recognition (SECOR)
We will help you achieve your Certificate of Recognition (COR/SECOR), by creating a customized Safety Program that is specific to your company. Defining Safe Work Practices and Safe Job Procedures for the tasks that your company performs during everyday operations and all other company-specific sections/details required to pass a Safety Registration Audit.


Our team supports a diverse range of clients who come from several different industries—including construction, manufacturing, hospitality and energy. We customize each solution to meet the needs of their specific business, so they can stay compliant and keep their employees safe.

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