Electrical Safety for Underground Mine Workers in Saskatchewan

The one day Electrical Safety for Underground Mine Workers covers various hazards associated with underground mines and how to reduce the risk of becoming exposed. This course reviews industry accepted standards and best practices including but not limited to CSA M421-11 Mine Safety.  Individuals who work on or supervise employees who work in an industrial mining environment are recommended to take this course.


Classroom Training Content


Electrical Safety for Underground Mine Workers incorporates the use of custom designed interactive models and visual aids which help to enhance interest and facilitate a higher comprehension level for participants.


Who Should Attend:



  • Journeyman Electricians

  • Apprentice Electricians

  • Electrical Technologists

  • Journeyman Instrumentation Mechanics

  • Electrical Engineers




Upon completion of Electrical Safety for Underground Mine Workers,  workers will have the knowledge, training and information required to safely and efficiently work around electrical equipment in underground mining operations in Saskatchewan.


Duration & Location


8 hours of classroom theory, followed by written competency exam.


Operator Certification


Electrical Safety for Underground Mine Workers has no expiry.


Program Includes



  • Written examination

  • Record of training report to employer

  • Wallet Card Certification upon successful completion of course




DAXX Safety Group offers the necessary training to meet these regulations through classroom lectures, workbook components, videos, and individual coaching.