Telehandler Competent Operator

Telehandler Competent Operator training provides the understanding of Telehandler operation, maintenance and material handling. This training covers both federal and provincial legislative requirements. As per Saskatchewan OH&S Regulations Section 154, Table 14.1, anyone who operates Powered Mobile Equipment is required to complete a minimum 16 hours training. This program is a combination of both theory and practical competency assessment training.


Classroom Training Content


Telehandler Competent Operator Training incorporates the use of custom designed interactive models and visual aids which help to enhance interest and facilitate a higher comprehension level for participants.


Course Outline



  • Duties of Employers, Supervisors, and Employees under Saskatchewan Occupational Health and Safety Regulations 1996.

  • Classifications & Terminology

  • Components (Boom, Carriage, Forks, Attachments, Capacity Plates, Labels, Controls, Instrumentation, Battery, Overhead Guard, Tires)

  • Pre-Use Inspections including OEM and Regulatory Requirements

  • Travel (Starting, Stopping, Travelling on Inclines/Declines, Parking, Safe Travel Practices, Visibility, Tip-over procedures)

  • Load Handling (Weight, Size, Levelling, Load Charts, Safe Load Capacity, Center of Gravity, Stability Principles)

  • Site Specific Physical Conditions and Hazard Assessments

  • Pedestrian Traffic

  • Refueling


Practical Component


Practical skill check assessment is required in order to receive certification at the completion of the course. Telehandler Competent Operator Certification is required as per Saskatchewan Occupational Health & Safety Regulations. Operators are required to complete the Competency Skill Check on the Telehandler that will be used in their specific operating environment.




Upon completion of Telehandler Competent Operator Training, operators will have the knowledge, training and information required to safely and efficiently operate their Telehandler.


Duration & Location


4 hours of classroom theory followed by written competency exam. The remainder of the program includes practical operation which gives the operator an opportunity to practice newly acquired skills prior to completing a final skill check assessment for Telehandler Competent Operator Certification. This course is conducted at various facilities, shops, yards or any location where operator and site-specific Telehandlers are available and utilized during training as per course and Saskatchewan Powered Mobile Equipment Competent Operator Regulations.


Operator Certification


Powered Mobile Equipment Competent Operator has no expiry date once an operator has been deemed competent. Workers must be re-evaluated in situations where they have not been operating a specific type of PME regularly for a period of three years.


Program Includes



  • Written examination

  • Record of training report to employer

  • Wallet Card Certification upon successful completion of course


Training must meet specific requirements outlined in Section 154 and Table 14.1 of the Occupational Health and Safety Regulations. A minimum of 16 hours combined theory and practical training is required on all powered mobile equipment.


DAXX Safety Group offers the necessary training to meet these regulations through classroom lectures, workbook components, videos, and individual coaching on the equipment.